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We provide a range of audit and consultancy services to assist clients in achieving their business objectives:



1.  Conduct audits of annual accounts limited companies to comply with the Companies Ordinance and any other ordinances. The audited financial statements shall be attached to the profits tax return as required by the Inland Revenue Department of HKSAR for assessing the tax liabilities of the year.

2. Advise clients on accounting and auditing matters Advise company directors on their statutory obligations and responsibilities Provide professional opinion in improving company’s structures and systems.



1. Report of PRC enterprises for business emigration to Australia Report;

2. Report  for HK Capital Investment Entrance Scheme Report;

3. Report for HKSME to raise fund;

4. Report for valuation of companies,due diligent report;

5. Assessment of financial statements of China Enterprises for Pre-IPO.



1.  Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to improve an organizations operations;

2.  Provide internal audit service to improve your business operations particularly in monitoring and decision making due to the globalization and tighten controls governance in recent years.

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