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Registration of British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Samoa Islands (SMA) companies


Advantages of register British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Samoa Islands (SMA) companies

- Tax heaven, exemption of profits tax, capital gains tax and sales tax.

- Can add a Chinese name

- Details about directors and shareholders remain confidential.

- No need to prepare financial statements, auditors report and any annual reports.

- Meetings can be held by telephone, e-mail. Directors or the shareholders meeting, resolutions

  can be passed by written signatures , meetings may be held at any place you like.

- Can open bank accounts in Hong Kong

- Books and records of the Company can be maintained anywhere in the world.


Registration procedures and requirements of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Samoa (SMA) companies


Tailor-make the company you desire.

- Provide name of the company you want(can with a Chinese name)

- Valid passport of the directors and shareholders.

- The name of a company secretary (We can act for you)

- Registered address (we can act for you)

- The nature of the business

- The directors and shareholders of proof of address (ID of china is acceptable as address proof.)

- Provide the authorized capital and issued capital of the company,  


It takes seven days to complete all procedures.


Choose a shelf company

If you have no favorite name and wish to have it immediately, you can buy the companies

which are already incorporated but have not yet commenced business.

It takes only one day to complete all procedures.

Fees schedule
Hong Kong Dollar 8,000.00

Fees include: name search; certification of incorporation; 4 booklets of memorandum and

article of association; register of directors, shareholders; share certificate, company chops

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